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Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye w

                                                   Volume Lashes

There are a few different choices in volume lashes.  They are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D.  The "D" stands for dimensional, the number stands for how many lashes are being applied to your own lash. The 6D lashes are most commonly applied for events.  Your lash specialist may also do several different amounts of dimensions to even out your natural lashes and the sparse areas.  For example where some areas may only need 2 lashes and another lash may need 3 or 4 lashes our experts have an eye for creating a gorgeous look.


This Russian technique is designed to provide clients with the volume they desire without damaging the natural lash or "lash stacking." This technique fans 2 and up to 6 individual lashes to create the desired fullness. Clients with naturally sparse or very fine lashes don't always get the extreme volume they may want, but will get a much better look than the tradional 1 to 1 lashes. The volume lashes are incredibly light weight and give a natural fluffy, thick voluminous apperance and are very soft.  The weight of each individual is is .07 or less where tradional lashes  usually weigh .15 or .20. Being this light allows for multiple lashes to be applied and not be too heavy on each lash and is actually heathier for the natural lash, and when the lashes are cared for correctly they can also last longer before fills than tradional lashes. With traditional lashes generally you'll want a fill every two to three weeks or even possible weekly, with volume lashes they can be filled once a month or sometimes even longer than a month.


The application takes longer than traditional lashes because they are applying more lashes.  Depending on the fullness you would like the application can take from 1.5 up to 2 hours, during which you can just relax listen to the wonderful peaceful music and even take a nap.  Our lash technnicians are very skilled and the process can not be rush especially with the volume lashes due to the difficultly of dealing with such light weight lashes and having them fan perfectly with the tiniest amount of glue and ensuring every lash is applied properly to avoid any damage to natural lash. Each eye will most likely have between 200-500 lashes per eye however the 6D can get up to around 700 lashes per eye.


This method is best for clients with sparse lashes or those whom would just like more volume.  With this techinque your may get  a little more length  than your natural lashes, however the longer the lashes are the sparser they may appear at the base. So if you want incredibly long lashes this method probably wouldn't be best for you.  With the longer the lash is it will also add weight which you don't want in order to assure you don't damage you own lashes.

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