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We offer a variety of aesthetic treatments that can improve the look, feel, and overall quality of your skin. Each person is unique and there is a diversity of skin types and condition, which is why we offer complimentary skin analysis and full consultations with our Skin Therapists to customize recommended treatment protocols and products to suit your needs.

In addition to obtaining informed consent from, we also need to gather information on your health history such as allergies, medications and previous treatments.  With a thorough understanding of our patient's health status we are better equipped to recommend appropriate treatments that will yield the best results.

A completed patient intake form will provide honest and objective information regarding your patient, their health, and their lifestyle.

Throughout the consultation we will should be able to assess as to what our patient is seeking to achieve by answering these key questions:

What is the patient's primary and secondary skin concern?

Does a patient have a timeline to achieve their results? 

Will the patient make adaptations to their lifestyle if needed?

Does the patient want a conservative or more aggressive approach?

Will combination therapies help achieve results quicker?

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